Diabatix webinar and white paper with Amnovis

Discover how to gain 55% in cooling with DfAM of a copper 3D printed CPU cooler.

A CPU cooler with 22% better performance? We joined forces with Diabatix to develop and manufacture a novel liquid CPU cooler. The goal was to develop and manufacture a 3D printed copper cooler which is able to keep the CPU within permissible operating temperature limits. Diabatix's ColdStream provided a fully manufacturable 3D-printing custom cooler design that enhances the cooling performance by 22% while reducing the pressure drop by 15%. And Amnovis manufactured the complex copper design generated by ColdStream, delivering a high-end 3D printed component with Additive Manufacturing (AM). 

The high conductivity of copper makes it an attractive material in light of  thermal management. The copper CPU cooler with custom microchannels is designed by Diabatix through topology optimization, taking DfAM (Design for Addictive Manufacturing) rules into account. The copper 3D printing of the cooler design is challenging. We succeeded in manufacturing the cooler through our high conductivity and high strength copper 3D printing technology. Using our patented AM copper powder and proprietary production method, we provided unprecedented thermal and mechanical properties for this complex-shaped cooler component. 

Webinar recording

In this webinar recording, you will learn: 

  • How to use a generative design to optimize the performance of a CPU cooler with minimal human input or interaction while taking into account manufacturability 

  • A fully 3D solid and fluid domain model and an interface heat transfer model are presented for the CPU cooler modeling.

  • The challenges of the copper 3D printing of the design and how Amnovis solved it with laser-absorptive copper powders

  • A case study demonstrated that the generative CPU cooler design reveals a 55% improvement in thermal resistance compared to a traditional skived fin heatsink.

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White paper

Find more detailed information about this fascinating collaboration that culminated in a superior copper CPU cooler in this white paper publication. The document was written by specialists from Diabatix and Amnovis. Suraj Dinkar Jadhav, Amnovis' Senior Materials Engineer: "Our copper 3D printing process supports the ability to form thin-walled and complex-shaped structures with thickness down to 200 microns. The broad processing window of this technology, ensures repeatable and reproducible build quality."  

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Press release

Amnovis brings innovation in AM manufacturing by revolutionizing copper 3D printing. An IP license agreement with KU Leuven enables Amnovis to start commercially using a unique copper 3D printing technology, after six years of cutting-edge research. The new technology allows Amnovis to build copper parts with high conductivity and strength, tunable to unprecedented combinations that better serve a variety of industrial applications. Amnovis realizes this by combining excellent laser-absorptive powders with the proven reliability of infrared laser AM systems.

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