Bespoke 3D printing

in metal and plastic

Superior titanium and copper 3D printing and plastics stereolithography
through our fundamental AM expertise and drive for innovation

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The founders of Amnovis have a background in manufacturing high-end AM products since 2008. They were among the first to employ L-PFB for printing titanium medical devices. Today we 3D print titanium parts which offer distinct performance advantages, which arise from our in-depth AM process know-how. Likewise, with copper 3D printing we are able to obtain improved material characteristics through our in-depth AM material and process expertise.

For Amnovis, innovation benefits from material and process enhancements as well as the ability to increase AM productivity. Titanium and copper 3D printing offers added value for series manufacturing in a range of niche applications. We also apply plastics stereolithography in specific applications including innovative surgical guides.

About us

Titanium 3D printing for demanding industries 

We are innovating various titanium 3D printing applications across a broad spectrum of medical device types. As innovators of AM technology, material and applications, we are able to manufacture faster with higher quality, both standard and personalized implants.

From within this unique innovation ecosystem, we introduce AM product and process enhancements for utilization in other high-tech and regulated industries as well. A typical application covers hydraulic manifolds with optimized fluid flow. New enhancements enable us to better align design and development with material selection and manufacturing excellence.

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Copper 3D printing of strong, conductive components

 The past years, we researched and engineered the manufacturing of highly conductive copper components using the L-PFB process. We use proprietary material and process expertise to manufacture copper components with state-of-the-art electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

The application spectrum is very wide, potentially including any critical application in which heat is exchanged or conducted, covering medical and industrial markets. Copper 3D printing potentially allows for more affordable manufacturing of high-end products compared to part series produced in other materials.

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Stereolithography for medical purposes

Our expertise in medical device 3D printing and strong focus on quality systems make us a preferred manufacturer of plastic components in medical markets and other highly regulated industries.

One application is applying stereolithography for the 3D printing of surgical guides designed to reduce the incidence of positive margins after breast cancer surgery. We established a comprehensive AM workflow and digital production platform, which is entirely ISO 13485:2016 certified, to excel in agile manufacturing and on-time delivery.