Successful Amnovis exhibit and presentation at OMTEC 2022 in Chicago

OMTEC is a leading world conference exclusively dedicated to every kind of orthopedic professional and organization, including OEMs, suppliers, consultants, surgeons, societies, regulatory bodies, and universities. Last year alone, over 1,300 orthopedic-focused professionals attended OMTEC.

The Amnovis stand

Many visitors passed by the Amnovis booth and had a chat with Ruben Wauthle, CEO and Co-Founder, and Maxime Salingros, Technical Sales Engineer. Face-to-face discussions offered plenty of opportunity to fully grasp prospects' orthopedic challenges and propose innovative Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies and materials which suit their needs.  Picture OMTEC®

Amnovis has a reputation in manufacturing high-end products for quality-critical applications in orthopedics, covering both standard series and personalized implants. The application reach of Amnovis' team of AM pioneers and specialists spans spine, hip, knee, wrist, ankle and maxillofacial.

Ruben's presentation

Amnovis was also selected by OMTEC to give a presentation. In front of a respectable attendance, Ruben Wauthle spoke about the 'Revival of Pure Titanium for Medical Device Manufacturing Thanks to Additive Manufacturing.' Based on long-time and in-depth research, Amnovis is a world leader in printing pure Titanium medical devices.

The Amnovis Ti Grade 1 material excels in strength and elongation. Lattice structures in pure Titanium exhibit plastic deformation and superior fatigue strength. Thanks to its proprietary and validated AM process, Amnovis is able to deliver pure Titanium devices at reduced cost and with short lead times.

At OMTEC we saw a lot of interest in AM, for various reasons touching upon design flexibility, material innovation and manufacturing agility. After discussing interesting orthopedic applications at OMTEC, we are already printing for parties we met at this huge event.

Amnovis will also be present as an exhibitor at OMTEC 2023 and in the meantime we like to hear from you and your orthopedic challenges. Keep in mind that Amnovis' AM material and process expertise drives the revival of pure Titanium in medical device manufacturing.

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